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How to Live a Life of FULLNESS and FREEDOM by Co-Creating it with Christ

Exclusive training for Christian women who are secretly discontent and want to trade in false satisfaction for true fulfillment and rest in God's TRUTH!

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Your Host: Alana Palm

Trauma Release & Mind Renewal Specialist 
for Christian Women
But before the breakthrough comes, ask yourself a few tough questions:
  • Have you been following the 'formula,' being the ‘good girl,’ doing all the right things? There are benefits to this but the ability to deeply experience God's love eludes you. If you want to encounter Holy Spirit - to feel at a heart level what you know in your head, this training is for you!
  • Do negative thoughts take you off course at times? Does fear keep you from taking risks and putting yourself out there? Learn how, from a place of inner peace and strength, to step out in courage and confidence to create the life you want.
  • Are you tired of questioning yourself and wondering how you can make a difference in this world? In this training we will help you see what's going on within you, and unleash that voice deep inside that the world is waiting to hear.
  • What if being successful in life and loving others well doesn't mean you have to LOSE YOURSELF in the process? You will learn how you can balance everything with ease, while also meeting the needs of everyone around you.
  • Are you hardworking, getting results and making a difference? Do you take pride in all you accomplish and do, while those close to you beg for more of your time and attention? Do you feel exhausted and empty as you try to meet the many demands on you? What if you could actually create results, have fulfilling relationships AND be energized at the same time? We will show you how to create results & have thriving relationships, while coming from a place of Rest. 
  • What does it look like to live from a place of possibility? We were made to co-create with Christ. Learn how to dream with God, co-create with Jesus and walk in fulfillment.
Stop settling for a life less than you were designed to live
If you’re a hardworking woman, you already know what it’s like to achieve success. You also know what it’s like to be successful, yet still feel like something is missing or somehow you're failing. There must be more to life than feeling depleted all the time, right?!

You’ve probably wondered:
  • How did the joy and peace you wanted in life fade in the myriad of your duties and responsibilities? 
  • How do you have the life you've always wanted - with God at the center?
  • How do you heal the old wounds that have held you back in life, instead of pushing them down and trying to forget about them? 

It feels like the list of “stuff” you need to do to have the life you want is never ending. But the real problem lies deeper beneath the surface.

Obviously you're a smart, successful woman so you know A LOT, but we don't know what we don't know.

This training is for women who are intentional about creating an authentic life in divine alignment, filled with perpetual passion and peace.

...for those who have the courage to ask the tough questions and refuse to settle, despite the pain and discomfort.

You'll learn how to overcome the fear, frustration and overwhelm that keep you from FULLY living the life God has for you. You will be able to step into your purpose with courage and determination.


All the results referenced in our client success stories are our personal results or those of our most exceptional clients. We’re not implying you’ll you'll automatically have the same results - yours will be different. Most people who buy ANY online program or course get little to no results. Examples are to give you a sense of what is possible based on what our clients have accomplished. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT attempt to work with us.