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From The Desk of Alana Palm

Ontario, Canada

Dear Friend,

I'm writing this letter to you because I have a super important message that I felt prompted to share with you. 

This is something that I’ve been blessed enough to discover... 

After working on myself, and with countless others, on FORGIVING & LETTING GO.

If you've downloaded the Forgiveness guide, I'm guessing you've been hurt...

And you're trying to forgive and let go.

I get it...I’ve been there too

If you're anything like me, you feel defeated.

You’ve been torn down..

You did everything right...

But still got stepped all over.

Maybe you're at the point where you're questioning your own worth.

You know you're a loving person and don't know why people keep hurting you.

Maybe you're wondering what's wrong with you..

Why it's hard to wake up in the morning and feel happy.

You're spending your days putting on a facade so other people won't know how broken you feel...

Especially because you have a strong faith and wish you could overcome this pain…

But for some reason you can't.

Maybe you've spent hours online researching how to break free of the pain.

In some ways it's consuming you.

You've lost someone you loved, and you don't know who you are without that person.

You want to let go but you can't.

You want to move forward but you keep holding on to the past.

You just want to be free of the thoughts that invade your mind daily (sometimes hourly)...

And you’re tired of feeling drained all the time.

Maybe you’ve even wondered if you can live life this way anymore…

And dreamed about falling asleep and never waking up..

If this is YOU, then this will be the most important letter you'll read in 2020.

Here's Why...

What if I were to tell you that I truly believe there's a way for you to FINALLY Break Free of the pain, sadness and resentment…

And remove all those stumbling blocks that have stopped you from living the life God designed for you to live.

I'm talking about a simple, step-by-step and laser-focussed approach to Letting Go and Letting God.

The same approach that I've used to overcome my own abuse, anger and trauma…

And has helped so many others do the same.

Without holding onto pain and staying stuck in the past.

Sound interesting?

Hi, my name is Alana Palm and ever since I understood the Powerful, Transformational Mindset Principles in the Bible, I’ve been able to completely transform my thinking, and in turn, my life.

I've been able to stand on biblical truths and tap into God’s transformational mindset power at any moment.

And I've been witness to hundreds of testimonies from people who have experienced the exact same thing.

I went from being angry, torn down and insecure, thinking that I would never rise out of the pit...

To knowing that I am enough just as I am, and more importantly, that I can overcome with God and live a life that I love waking up to...

Without letting other people have power over me.

And I absolutely love seeing people go from darkness of the pit to being set free from the past and living a life of joy, confidence and freedom!

Because they are finally ready.

But It Wasn’t Always Like This...

I personally understand what it's like to want and to dream of letting go but to think that... maybe, I just don't have what it takes.

I always wanted to be a woman who believed in herself….who knew what she was worth.

I wanted to stop letting other people have power over me.

And I wanted to overcome the negative thoughts about myself that often took over my mind.

But I didn’t know how.

And maybe you don’t either.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and lay in bed thinking - "Wow, after everything I've accomplished I thought I'd feel better about myself by now"

"I thought I would have stopped finding my value in what other people say about me…"

"I thought I’d have stopped letting people treat me badly…"

"I thought after all the work I’d done on myself, I would feel better about who I was at the core..."

Well if you have, you’re not alone.

When I first started out trying to let go of the pain and change the way I thought about myself, I went to years of therapy….I spent hours researching ‘positive thinking’ online….I listened to countless ‘mindset masters’ tell me how to change the way I looked at life.

I studied the Law of Attraction…

And tried to bring those principles into my life.

To get what I wanted...to ‘manifest’ it.

Pretty crazy right?

It was so overwhelming... I was consumed with finding the answer so I could believe I was the person God created me to be.

It kind of got to the point where I thought, maybe I will never feel good about myself?

Maybe I will never see my own worth.

Maybe I'm just not enough.

It’s sounds so negative right?!

That’s where I was at back then.

But the more I looked at those who felt good about themselves and were able to wake up in the morning with joy in their heart, it hit me.

They were approaching their life and mindset in an entirely different way.

And I'm not talking about a silver bullet or short-term hack kind of way…

I’m talking about...

A Whole Different Way Of Transforming The Mind...

Their entire approach toward their worth as a human being was so drastically different to mine.

I was investing my time in things that didn't matter - things that weren't actually going to transform my thinking.

And I realized, it was because I didn't know where I SHOULD be focusing my time.

I felt so overwhelmed by tackling this huge issue within me that I got buried under all of the information out there.

I wasn't able to take real transformational action in my mindset, because I was so caught up in what the ‘experts’ online said about mindset mastery.

But when I started to think differently, I started approaching my mental health in an entirely different way too…

And when I started doing the right things that came from the right source, that is when things started to change... or rather transform.

I made a promise to myself to dive into the Bible and discover what God says about me.

And I began to see the transformation happen…

The negative cycle of thoughts that had been going on in my head for years disappeared.

The belief that I wasn't good enough faded away.

I began to find my identity and worth in who God says I am.

I have now been able to have long-term, healthy relationships...including the one with my husband…

And he is extremely happy with the transformation in the way I think!

It’s completely changed our marriage.

I faced fears that I have had since childhood, including singing in public…

To the point where I am now on the worship team at my church where approximately 2,000 people attend every Sunday..

I began to see myself through God's eyes…

And it completely changed my outlook…

And it transformed my belief in what was possible in my life - with Him inside me.

The reason I'm sharing all this with you is because I want the same for you.

I don't want you to have to spend years researching how to think positively :-(

You’re here listening to me now as someone who wants to see yourself as the Amazing Creation that you are…

You know where you are and probably where you want to be…


Do You Know How To Get There?

The truth is there is A LOT to learn...

Especially when it comes to developing a mindset that is centred around Christ.

For example…

How to stop basing your opinion of yourself on what the world says about you... so you can focus on what God says.

How to get the lies of the enemy out of your head and fill your mind with God's word.

How to find your identity in Christ and build your life on a firm foundation of faith.

How to know your true worth just as you are, with no added fancy or flair.


It’s kind of overwhelming right?!!

I get it because I also struggled with all these challenges when I first started really transforming my mindset through Christ.


I had to work all this stuff out on my own with so much trial-and-error...and it wasn't exactly fun.

It felt like I was running down a winding road that went on and on...instead of peacefully walking the straight and narrow path that God wanted me to be on.

Even though I knew that the shortest distance between two points was a straight line, I did the loop over and over again instead of just aiming for my destination.

If you currently feel like this and are struggling with too much negativity, worry and stress…

I can guarantee I have also felt the same way.


What I discovered was that all it took was having powerful strategies from ONE Timeless Book...to completely transform the mind.

A strategy tailored to people who want a mindset of strength, faith and peace…

To help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

For me, I was very blessed to find the straight and narrow path that really set me up for mindset transformation.

God’s wisdom literally rescued me when I was about to give it all up :-(


Well, God had put together such a clear roadmap for me that I could follow through and through, and this helped me see that healing and freedom of mind were possible.

It wasn't complicated but it was super effective

...and what I have learned over the years is that getting down to the basics... the most important things...is the best way to go about mental freedom.

Just like Paul said in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

The scriptures gave me clear guidance and helped me remove all the distractions and overwhelm of looking for answers in other places.

Places that would never result in true transformation.

I didn't realize it at the time…

But what I was getting was a perfect “transformational battle-ready mindset program” that came straight from the One who created me (and you!)...

The Ultimate Method to Transform my Mind :-)

Since that "sliding doors" moment where I was on the brink of giving it all up…

I have been able to go on and bring this biblical awareness to hundreds of other people.

And that's what I'm here to help you with!

If you'd like to get rid of the worry, fears and negativity that's holding you back..

And live a life that's ON FIRE for Jesus...

If you'd like to get out of the pit and live a life you love...

And if you'd like to STOP listening to the LIES of the enemy...

Then I'm going to give you my brand new course - "How to Sustain a Battle Ready Mindset with God, Grace and Grit" for a HUGE discount, so you can do exactly that! :-)

Inside this program, I show you the same formula I've used to turn my mindset into a spiritual battle-ready machine.

A mindset that has overcome depression, anxiety and a constant loop of negative thoughts.

Even better…

I show you how to avoid the overwhelm of spending years and years learning how to change your mindset.

And along with that…

I reveal God's biblical mindset method so you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind without spending money on an expensive therapist.

That way - you can have everything you need at your fingertips to hold your thoughts captive to Christ and allow God to FULLY transform your mind.

I'll tell you more about how this is possible in a moment, including everything you're getting in this hugely discounted program.

But, Before I do…

And before I explain why I'm giving you my new program for such a low price…

There are two important things you've got to know…


Due to the Bonus Coaching Session...
I'm Only Giving Away A Limited # Of Spots 
Inside The Battle Ready Course

The reason?

I'm going to throw in some coaching with this offer (more on that in a minute) which limits the amount of people a lot.

I'm only one woman, after all ;-)

So if you're interested in transforming your mindset through biblical principles, that you will be able to stand on for life…

Then read all the way through this letter right now otherwise next time you visit this page…

The program discounted spots could be gone!

With that being said…

The second thing you've got to know is…

Now is the right time to transform your mindset.


I'm glad you asked ;-)

Here's Why 2020 Is The Best Time to 
Transform Your Mindset God's Way!

Here's the truth…

For the past several years, most people who wanted to change their mindset focused on doing it through meditation, new age beliefs and other personal development courses that did not focus on the God of the Bible first…

Currently thousands if not millions of people are working on changing their mindset and living a more positive life.

But times are shifting and people are looking for more that the mindset ‘changes’ that come from 'magical thinking'…

They want lasting transformation!

REAL Transformation that can only come from God. 

Pretty amazing, right?

It’s a huge shift in thinking and that’s why NOW is the time to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and transform your thinking God’s way.

Which is exactly why you'll love ”How to Sustain a Battle-Ready Mindset with God, Grace and Grit”...

Which uses POWERFUL Biblical strategies that are all in the Word, yet inside the program they are broken down into bite-sized tools you can use at any time...

Here's How The Battle Ready Course 
Is Going To Help You Be Transformed By The 
Renewing Of Your Mind...

...With concepts that all come from God's powerful word - The Bible.

And there are 3 Distinct strategies I have pulled directly from the Bible to help you do that…

Strategies that are different from any other “mindset mastery” program out there…

And AMAZING BONUSES that will help you look at life with a whole new perspective...

With a Mindset that honours God, develops healthy relationships and allows you to live the best life possible!

See What's Included Below...

"How to Sustain a POWERFUL 'Battle Ready' Mindset 
with God, Grace & Grit!" Transformational Online Course

  • You will learn How to Hold Your Thoughts Captive to Christ
  • You will Discover where your IDENTITY & WORTH come from
  • You will see how your thoughts affect EVERYTHING you do ⁣
  • ​You will discover how to SHIFT your Perspective to be Affirmed by God
  • ​You will learn about ”The STORY System” to TRANSFORM your Mindset & Hold your Thoughts Captive to Christ⁣
  • ​You will collect BATTLE READY tools to put on the FULL Armour of God every day⁣
  • ​You will have a clear and POWERFUL strategy to Believe that you are Already ENOUGH⁣
  • ​You will be able to stand on the TRUTH of Christ to live a powerful life⁣

A Personal 1:1 Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Session!

  • You will get a One on One personalized coaching session with Alana Palm
  • You will receive Alana's full and UNDIVIDED ATTENTION
  • You will experience a LISTENING EAR to help you get out what's going on inside ⁣
  • ​You will have PRAYER over you and your situation
  • ​You will receive SUPPORT from a Christ-centred place
  • ​You will gain a new FRIENDSHIP (that's kind of a bonus for me ;)

The "Fight the Fear & Focus on Freedom!" Guidebook

  • You will learn 10 Scriptures to help you FOCUS on FAITH over Fear
  • You will receive tips on how to BREAK FREE when the enemy's lies are bringing you down
  • You will gain wisdom from the Bible on how to OVERCOME any irrational Fears⁣
  • ​You will learn the Powerful way that FAITH can HEAL your mind and heart!

"5 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself when You're Down & Discouraged" Self-Coaching Guide

  • You will discover how to RISE ABOVE sadness, frustration & negativity with CHRIST
  • You will learn the 5 POWERFUL questions to help you get out of the funk
  • You will gain the tools I use on a daily basis to get out of a negative thought cycle⁣
  • ​You will understand how God's gift of free will allows you to CHOOSE your thoughts
  • ​You will see how to TRANSFORM your thought-life and renew your mind!

The "How to Trust God in the Storm" Booklet

  • You will learn Powerful SCRIPTURES to help you rest in TRUST
  • You will see how His greater plan is working everything together for YOUR GOOD
  • You will feel how God's PROTECTION is covering you at all times⁣
  • ​You will understand that there is PURPOSE in the pain
  • ​You will comprehend why storms come and how you can move through them in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

"Why Does God Allow Suffering?" Guidebook

  • You will understand the PURPOSE behind trials and struggles
  • You will answer questions about why you're struggling when you've done everything you can to follow Him
  • You will understand the REASON why natural disasters, world hunger, murder and abuse happen in the world⁣
  • ​You will sense what GOD IS DOING when He allows you to go through pain and suffering
  • ​You will know how to have MORE PEACE in the middle of the suffering.

And You Will Get ALL THIS For Only $37!

A Huge savings!

But again...

This Offer Could Come Down At Any Moment As There Are A Limited # of Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Calls. 

So if you're interested in jumping in there's no time to wait...

Click the button below, fill out your details and you can get going immediately in the program. 
Well, that's it.

So if you're ready to get started...

Click the button above and claim your spot so you'll be able to get going immediately.

I'm SO looking forward to seeing you inside :-)


Alana Palm

P.S. You might also be wondering...

"Who else has tried this program?” 


“Is this really what I need right now?” 


“Am I really getting something special here? Or is this just another program that’s all promises and no delivery?”
If any or all of these concerns are going through your head…

I’d Like To Share With You Just a Few Recent Success Stories From Wake Up Joyful's Programs and Coaching

That way, you feel confidence knowing what you’re coming into is the real deal.
P.P.S. You might also have some questions before jumping in.
If so...

Here are the top FAQs on "How to Sustain a POWERFUL 'Battle Ready' Mindset with God, Grace & Grit!"

QUESTION #1: "How quickly will I see results?"

These transformational techniques will get you results RIGHT AWAY - as soon as you implement what you've learned. 

QUESTION #2: "How well will these tools work for me?"

If you're willing to use them, they will work powerfully in your life! They are proven, based on Biblical principles and will work for anyone regardless of age, gender or place in life.

QUESTION #3: "How is this program more powerful than other 'mindset' or 'positive thinking' courses?"

There are many programs out there that promise transformation - and I have taken quite a few of them myself. 

In this program, you will learn 3 powerful techniques that, when applied, allow you to live a life that honours God, prepare your mind for battle against the enemy's schemes and live in mental freedom. 

It is unique in that way - it is a Bible-based, God-focused program and when you put Him first, you see amazing changes in your life.

QUESTION #4: "How quickly can I get the course done?"

This course is perfect for people who have very little time! It takes only 3 hours to go through the entire course and complete the downloadable workbook questions. 

I created this course specifically for people who want the keys to mindset freedom and don't have a lot of extra time.

QUESTION #5: "Is there a guarantee?"

With this offer, no.

First, the $37 gets you the Course, a personal 1 hour Coaching Session with me + 4 additional Bonuses.

This is an incredible deal.

And if you don't think this is an incredible deal, this may not be for you and that's OK.

Second, because I'm giving you so much for such a small price  (my time alone is worth $125/hr), I'm actually losing money initially.

However, I’ve decided to test this offer hoping that the value and results you get will blow you away so much…

You’ll want to continue working with me ongoing! :-) 

With that being said…

Know that your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED so I will do everything in my power to ensure you are a joyful customer!

So with all that said and done...

If you're ready to become 'Battle Ready' to expel the lies of the enemy and live a life that puts God first, just click below to jump on in....
Well, that's it...

As mentioned, there are a limited number of spaces...

To make sure you get one of them...

Click the button below to get going immediately and I am SO looking forward to chatting on our 1:1 Coaching Call :-)
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A Recap of What You'll Get in your 'Battle Ready' Course + Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Session + BONUSES:
  • Align your Mindset with God's Will
  • Have Joy & Peace in ANY SITUATION
  • Renewed SELF-WORTH & Stronger IDENTITY
  • Hold your Thoughts Captive to Christ
  • POWERFUL ways to Live Your BEST, God-Focused LIFE!
  • Be Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind!
  • A PLAN OF ACTION to implement in your life!
  • Greater Awareness of God's voice!
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