Set Free Strategy Session: How Christian Women Uncover the Blocks Holding Them Back from Lasting Freedom, Joy and Rest in Christ

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Bonnie's life is 100% better - she has peace now and she's not depressed anymore

Bonnie says, "Before I did the Academy I was miserable and depressed. In the Program I learned how to love myself and I learned how to shift from the sadness to the happiness. My life is 100% better - I have peace now and I’m not depressed anymore!”


"Before working with Alana I was stuck. She gave me tools to uproot the negative things of the past that deeply took root in my soul."

"I was resistant to looking inward to do the deep healing. Alana's program was eye-opening & challenging."


Mariah is an example to her children of someone who is calm and secure. Her life has been changed through The Academy!

Mariah says, "I knew that I needed more than prayer and church to really get in touch with the Holy Spirit…and the Academy gave me a spiritual awakening. The Christ-centered exercises help me EXPERIENCE Jesus and feel His love. I am so excited…I’ve got breakthrough and I’m finishing things now instead of giving up. Now I’m an example to my kids of someone who follows through and this empowers them to be the same. I feel restful, secure, embraced and calm now. I don’t get anxious and frustrated with my kids anymore. It’s a major difference from before! The Set Free Academy is life changing. Don’t walk - RUN into this Program!”


These are all real clients of The Set Free Academy and Wake Up Joyful Ministries. Some names may be hidden to preserve their privacy, but these are authentic and unpaid testimonials.

Diane was spiritually dying and The Set Free Academy has helped her be set free form shame and negative thoughts. She feels like she is coming alive spiritually again!

Diane says, "I felt like I was spiritually dying..I had so much anxiety and I was DESPERATE to try anything that would help me feel better! The Set Free Academy works! I have been set free from the shame and negative thoughts in my head. Positive thoughts just automatically come now and I feel like I’m coming alive spiritually again! I would tell women thinking about the program to not hesitate…just jump in and do it!”

"You have helped me step up a level, even in the short time I've been a part of your group!"

"I realize that I CAN do things! I've been processing more instead of just shutting down!"

"In just 6 short weeks I have learned more about myself than in years of reading books, seeking help from others and attending conferences."

"A lot of my transformation has come from Alana empowering me to love myself!"

Susan would have paid $1,000,000 for the breakthroughs she's had in The Set Free Academy

Susan says, “At first I was afraid to spend the money because I wasn’t working, but I realized it was just an excuse not to work on myself and get better. I would self sabotage and didn’t think I was worthy of getting better, but I was at the end and I said I would try one last time. Now, one of my best friends just noticed that I’ve changed…she told me my whole face is different…my heart is different. And I told her that the Program is working! It was a real breakthrough moment for me! The miracles that have happened in the last 4-5 months…I would have paid a million dollars for the breakthroughs I’ve had. I’m 62 and I’ve done A LOT of therapy and I’ve had the most breakthrough I’ve ever had in The Set Free Academy.”

Small Call to Action Headline

"I broke free from the patterns of shame in my life. I have let go of the victim mindset and am on fire for God. Now I see myself as God sees me and I don't carry that shame."

"Alana's program helped change my thinking from self-defeat to empowered! God has used Alana to help me change from the inside out."

"Alana's program has helped change my thinking from self-defeat to victorious! God has used Alana to help me change from the inside out."

Another Client with Powerful Breakthroughs

Rosemary is only halfway through the Program and she's already seen so much change. She has brought God's truth from her head to her heart and doesn't spend weeks depressed anymore!

Rosemary says, “I was dealing with mental illness…depression…and just felt lost in the world. I wanted to heal from my past to be better for me and my family. In the Program I got to uproot the problems and I brought God’s truth from my head to my heart. I realized nothing was wrong with me and I opened up more. My husband and kids see a difference in me and they come to me more now because I have stopped trying to control everything. I didn’t know if I would follow through in this Program but I was learning so much and it was working so I kept going! Before I was blind...and now I can recognize the lies and I don’t spend weeks down and depressed. I have renewed my mind! This program works because I have someone to guide me and a community to help me grow! I’m only halfway through and I’ve seen so much change!”

"Before I joined The Set Free Academy I was a sad, angry woman. I'm no longer bitter or angry and I am learning to deal with pain in a positive way."

"I have shared with my sister what I'm learning about communication and it opened the door for her to share too. I feel like I have my sister back!"

"Before working with Alana I was filled with a negative mindset, trauma and depression. Now I have worked through my trauma and have a new mindset!"

"My husband just apologized to me for 32 years of hurt. He said he loved me and was proud of me. I see my (Set Free) vision statement starting to come alive!"

"Alana helped to uncover the lies from the enemy that were keeping me in bondage. Through The Set Free Academy deep work & God's help things have changed. Now I celebrate the wins!"

"The Ah-ha's on the call with Alana helped me see that I am not a victim anymore, but an OVERCOMER, "

Kelly has so much more confidence in herself and says that investing in The Set Free Academy was the best decision she ever made

Kelly says, “I was tired of my life the way it was. I was going nowhere fast and I needed to make a change. I never dreamed that I could have paid thousands of dollars, especially when I wasn’t working, but the money was always there. God always provided. I have more confidence in myself and trust God so much more with finances. The Set Free Academy is the best investment that I’ve made - I spent years doing therapy and reading self-help books and nothing has worked like this Program has worked.”

More Transformational Video Testimonials from Joyful Clients 

Simone went from people-pleasing and failed relationships to having inner joy, confidence and peace (and she helps her adult children with these things now too!)

Simone says, “I had two failed marriages and other unsuccessful relationships. I didn’t believe in myself and I was a big people pleaser. I’ve come so far…I feel like a different person! Now I believe in myself, I can set healthy boundaries and I am filled with grace and peace. I’ve got more joy and confidence and I can help my children with these things now.”

The narcissistic abuse Susan went through threatened to take her out, but being in The Academy for only 5 months resulted in lightness, joy and peace in her heart. 

Susan says, “Before I came into the Academy I was depressed and everything felt like doom and gloom. I wanted to BELIEVE the positive things other people said about me but I couldn’t because I had been through so much narcissistic abuse. Now that I’ve been in the Program for 5 months, I don’t look at the world through black and white anymore…there’s colour…there’s lightness in me. I’m so glad I didn’t let the finances stop me because God has (and always does) make a way.”

Melissa went from a downward spiral of funk, emotion and depression to overcoming her triggers so she could have more joy and peace in her life!

Melissa says, “I knew I needed help reframing my thoughts because I would end up in a downward spiral of funk, emotion and depression. I was sick of being afraid of people and situations and wanted to move forward. In the Program I’ve learned tools to work through and overcome triggers. The whole program exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to any woman wanting to feel more secure in their identity in Christ, focus on their vision and learn the tools to get where they want to go!”

Carol stopped feeling depressed and was finally able to be authentic and vulnerable with her feelings. She is SO HAPPY she took this step!

Carol says, “I put on mask and pretended everything was okay, but inside I was dying. I decided I was worth investing in myself to have a better life. With The Set Free Academy I am no longer cutting, depressed and suicidal. I see my value and worth in Him and am so thankful for the friendships I’ve developed. Working on me is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To women thinking about doing the Academy, I would say ‘Do it! What’s holding you back! Take the step - you’ll be glad that you did!’” 

All this is possible for YOU too!

All the results referenced in our client success stories are our personal results or those of our clients who committed and did the work. We’re not implying you'll automatically have the same results - yours will be different. Examples are to give you a sense of what is possible based on what our clients have accomplished. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. All investment entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT attempt to work with us.
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