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The Set Free Academy™ 
Transformational Christ-Centered Healing Program

This experiential, immersive neuro-based coaching program is NOT about teaching you coping mechanisms...

It TRULY SOLVES what has been stopping you from being peaceful, joyful and unoffendable in work, relationships and life.

This is the Proven Christ-Centered Coaching Method that gives you:

✔️ The FASTEST way to overcome old BS (Belief Systems) and TRANSFORM your subconscious mind

✔️ The tools to SILENCE your inner critic (aka: The enemy’s voice and the voices of people in your past)

✔️ Strategies to have Greater LEADERSHIP over your emotions so you can rise above the storms of life

✔️ Confidence to TRUST in your own wisdom and inner DISCERNMENT that comes from the Lord

✔️ A TRANSFORMATION in your mind and heart so you STOP coping and START rising above the pain!


Christian Women who are Ready to Heal & Walk in the FULLNESS of Christ!

Get Ready to Break Free from Negative Thinking and Overcome the Spirit of Offence by Bringing Everything to KNOW About God from Your Head to Your HEART where you can EXPERIENCE His Love, Peace and Joy Deep Inside!

What would it feel like to...

➡️ Overcome the TRIPLE THREAT of Comparison, Competition and Covetousness so you can focus completely on WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST

➡️ Have a life of FULLNESS & FREEDOM in Him WITHOUT constant pain, frustration and overwhelm 

➡️ Take the weight of the world off your shoulders so you can STOP the pressure and RELEASE your burdens to Him

➡️ Gain deep and lasting GOD-FIDENCE so you can be courageous in this world for Him and experience His peace

➡️ UPROOT the fear of rejection so you can CONFIDENTLY walk into ANY room and know that you are magnifying His light and love

What would it feel like to...

➡️ Overcome the TRIPLE THREAT of Comparison, Competition and Covetousness so you can focus completely on WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST

➡️ Have a life of FULLNESS & FREEDOM in Him WITHOUT constant pain, frustration and overwhelm 

➡️ Take the weight of the world off your shoulders so you can STOP the pressure and RELEASE your burdens to Him

➡️ Gain deep and lasting GOD-FIDENCE so you can be courageous in this world for Him and experience His peace

➡️ UPROOT the fear of rejection so you can CONFIDENTLY walk into ANY room and know that you are magnifying His light and love

How The Set Free Academy Has Enabled Women to Experience Healing & Transformation Through Christ (& how YOU can too)...

Mariah Broke Free From Lies, Trauma & Unhealthy Relationship Patterns To Experience A Life Of Fullness And Freedom With Him. 

Mariah says, "I feel restful, secure, embraced and calm now. I don’t get anxious and frustrated with my kids anymore. It’s a major difference from before! The Set Free Academy is life changing. Don’t walk - RUN into this Program!”

Rhonda brought everything she KNEW about God from her head to her heart! Now she can love others without expectation and set strong, healthy, loving boundaries! 

Rhonda says, "I had problems getting the head knowledge about God to my heart. Now I feel loved and accepted...I trust God, forgive people and love others without expectation. I feel great and I’m so happy! Doing The Set Free Academy was the best choice I’ve made in my life and I believe it would be the best choice of your life too!”

Janine has traded in trying so hard to get everything done and ‘fix’ everyone around her, for a life of calm, contentment and rest in God. She is patient, forgiving and compassionate with herself like never before! 

Janine says, “I no longer have the negative narrative in my head or put the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’m patient, forgiving and compassionate with myself. I’m so grateful for everything I've gotten in this Program - and I tell everyone about it!”

What if you were no longer stopped by feelings of fear, lack, insecurity and worry?

What if you could have the FULL and ABUNDANT life Christ died for you to have? (John 10:10)

Hundreds of women have experienced EXACTLY THAT as they have learned how to live Set Free!

It's possible to BREAK FREE from the effect of painful feelings, depression, anxiety, fear, negative thinking, putting yourself down and constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

You CAN feel secure and stable in who you are in Christ so you can live a life of peace and no longer be taken out by the opinions of others or life's storms. 

Wondering how? 

Let me introduce you to…


The Set Free Academy is based on The Set Free Method, which helps Christian women break free from negative thinking, fear and past hurt so they can walk in the freedom of Christ and experience God's rest, regardless of the circumstances.

The Set Free Academy was created to help you:

🤍 Love yourself the way God created you, so you can sit in the seat of that existence and NOT question your worth and value anymore

🤍 Get deep inner healing so you STOP FEELING overwhelmed, powerless and insecure 

🤍 OVERCOME the fear and doubt so you stand tall with COURAGE and MAGNIFY God's love

🤍 Get out of the comparison trap and SQUASH the voice of your ‘inner critic’ that says "I'm not good enough" or "I have to do it perfectly"

🤍 Experience God's REST by ABIDING in Him and coming into AGREEMENT with His Truth

The Set Free Method Pillars

Curious how The Set Free Method™ will actually SET YOU FREE from bondage and EMPOWER you to live in the Victory you already have in Christ so you can make a HUGE Spiritual impact on the world? 

Read below to see the Pillars that you will focus on in The Set Free Academy ™so you can experience God’s freedom, joy and peace in all areas of your life…

PILLAR #1: The Reveal & Release Blueprint

When you experience His REVELATION & RELEASE the pressure, you will:

➡️ Heal from past pain and trauma

➡️ Replace the lies in your soul with God’s truth (and actually Believe it)

➡️ Release frustration, stress and overwhelm

➡️ Have strong, connected relationships with people who truly love you

PILLAR #2: The Abidance Process

When you ABIDE in Him, you will:

➡️ Release the burdens you're carrying and stop being so hard on yourself

➡️ Move through loss and disappointment with peace and Rest in Him

➡️ Bring what you know about God from your head to your heart

➡️ LIVE AT REST in His truth

PILLAR #3: The Agreement & Alignment System 

When you are in AGREEMENT & ALIGNMENT with Him, you will:

➡️ Be the authentic you, without worrying about what people think

➡️ Confidently and courageously live out your divine, God-given purpose 

➡️ SHIFT negative beliefs to Christ-centered thoughts and feelings

➡️ Lovingly enforce healthy boundaries and use your voice with courage

PILLAR #4: The  Unoffendable Framework  

When you become UNOFFENDABLE, you will:

➡️ Let go of resentment and extend forgiveness easily

➡️ Stop taking things personally and feeling offended

➡️ Stay grounded and peaceful in the storms of life

➡️ Live life with greater freedom in your mind and heart so you magnify Him! 

Susan was suffering after narcissistic abuse, but  being in The Academy for just 5 months brought lightness, joy and peace in her heart!

Susan says, “Before I came into the Academy I was depressed because I had been through so much narcissistic abuse. I’ve been in the Program for 5 months and now there’s lightness in me. I’m so glad I didn’t let the finances stop me because God has (and always does) make a way.”

Melissa went from a downward spiral of depression and fear to overcoming her triggers and feeling secure in her identity in Christ!

Melissa says, “I would go into a downward spiral of depression and fear. In the Program I’ve learned how to overcome triggers! The whole program exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to any woman wanting to feel more secure in her identity in Christ and learn the tools to get where they want to go!”

By implementing the proven, step-by-step Set Free Method you'll be able to DO all you desire in life AND have deep inner peace and rest in the process. 

The pain of the past will dissolve and you will be able to MAGNIFY His love and light in the world.

By now, you may be wondering who I am and why I've created this so allow me to introduce myself :)

I’m Alana Palm, Christian Trauma Release & Mind Renewal Specialist.

I hold my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (which means I'm a pro at teaching you how to bring what you know in your head down into your heart). I am also Certified in Proven Trauma Healing Modalities, and MOST importantly, through God's guidance I have brought the powerful & transformational Set Free Method into the world to help women rest in God and experience His freedom in their life.

I have personally overcome years of trauma, abuse and manipulation, and now live life free from the bondage I was once in. I can now experience God's rest and peace every day.

I have coached thousands of women to walk in the fullness of Christ by breaking free from lies they've believed, bringing His truth from their head to their heart through deep subconscious inner healing and becoming unoffendable so they can magnify His love in the world..

I brought The Set Free Method into the world through God's leading because...

First and foremost, I wanted to follow what He was asking me to do.

Also, I noticed that many Christian women believed in God, but were suffering inside due to past pain and trauma. 

There were so many trauma healing programs out there that focused on new-age healing techniques and I desired to help Christian women heal from past trauma while putting Christ at the center of their transformation

God gave me each and every step of this Methodology through my own healing journey and I have seen thousands of women benefit from this process and have abundant peace, joy and rest in Him.

The Set Free Method is different because Jesus Christ is at the center of your deep inner healing! Through partnering with Him in this way, you will learn how to release your burdens to Him and rest in His love.

Are you ready to live the life of FULLNESS and FREEDOM Christ died for you to have?

Book your call now to start implementing The Set Free Method in your life to experience His healing & freedom!

Your Set Free Academy 12-Month Membership is...


Only $3997

The $3997 Tuition applies to the first 5 women who enrol, as I cover $1000 of your tuition (or $100 per month if you choose a 12-pay plan) AND you also get a Private 60-minute Breakthrough Session with Alana Palm as one of the first 5!!

*NOTE: All investment amounts are in $USD. Payment Plans available upon request.

Book Your Call Now to Begin Your Transformational Healing Journey in The Set Free Academy™ 12-month Results-Based Program

See below for all your Set Free Academy Inclusions :)

The Results Based Transformational System

💠 The 7-Module Set Free Academy™ Online Experiential Curriculum - The Proven step-by-step process to live in VICTORY over negative thoughts and emotions to fully feel His truth & love 
(VALUE $5,000) 

💠 Weekly Guidance and Leading from your Personal Set Free Academy Support Coach - Your Coach will LOVINGLY guide you to breakthrough as you become set free from the past 
(VALUE $2,000)

💠 Love & Encouragement From Your Own Personal Results-Driven Tribe - Learn, grow and move forward with a vulnerable, authentic and loving-beyond-words group of women who are walking with you (PRICELESS)

💠 Self Coach Through Your Emotional Triggers with Personal EMDR Techniques And Other Powerful Self Coaching Tools - These Tools are designed to help you Reset Your Nervous System and Shift FAST when you are feeling down and discouraged (Value $1497)

Breakthrough Coaching & Support

💠 Powerful Weekly Q&A Support Sessions - Receive personal support in an intimate small group setting directly from Alana, as well as the Team of Specialized Set Free Academy Pastors, Chaplains and Coaches (VALUE $10,000)

💠 Weekly Inner Healing Breakthrough Sessions - Alana personally supports you in a small group of women to overcome the the voice of the negative inner critic so you become unoffendable (VALUE $7,000)

💠 Two Deep-Dive Revelation Retreats - Come together in the safe and supportive space to accelerate your results and step into your purpose with Him (VALUE $4,000)

💠 Support, Love, Consistency and Acceptance - One of the most healing aspects of this Program is the wealth of support and love you receive from an amazing community of like-minded women. You only need to watch the testimonials to see that the women are consistently blown away by the love and acceptance they receive in the Academy. This is a judgment-free zone and we focus on compassion and curiosity to penetrate through to get to the root of the issue and release it to the lord together! (The Value is Incredible)

Time-Saving Tools for Deep Release

💠 Shifting Tools To Quickly Align Your Heart With Him - Access transformational tools to quickly shift from feeling afraid and stuck to experiencing peace and forward movement (VALUE $3,000)

💠 Personal Coaching Techniques to Renew Your Mind & Experience His Peace - Deep-dive self-coaching techniques are part of your membership so you can access and overcome your old beliefs anytime and anywhere (VALUE $4,000)

💠 Access On-The-Go Rest Audios to Shift Into Experience His Rest - Discover what it looks like to tangibly experience God’s Rest in any situation in life (VALUE $3,000)

💠 Reveal & Release Trauma In One Day - This 2 Hour Training brings you through the Proven Method to reverse the effects of Complex Trauma (Value $1997) 

TOTAL VALUE: Over $30,000

💠  Beautiful Full-Service $500 Welcome Package - When you pay in full for the year, you will receive a very special Welcome Package complete with your lay-flat bounds, colour printed high quality workbook, as well as multiple gifts and offerings to help you get everything you can out of this amazing Program! This is mailed straight to your door! (Value $500+)

💠 Full Access To 'The Rooted In God’s Love Masterclass Series' - From shark attack survivor Tiffany Johnson, to Rest expert Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, get deep and personal as Alana interviews 25+ leaders and experts who impart onto you their wisdom about being rooted in God. You also receive a free gift from almost every speaker! (Value $1997)

💠 Transformational Tools to Overcome Grief, Loss and Disappointment - Stop feeling weighed down and helpess in your grief - Receive coaching and implement the Method that will help you move through your pain and heal your heart (Value $1997) 

💠 The Experiencing God’s Love Intensive - Receive all Recordings and Bonuses from This Powerful Intensive! You Get 3 Hours Of Deep-Dive Teaching On The Process To Overcome Any Roadblocks Standing In Your Way From Experiencing God’s Love (Value $997) 


(automatically added to your Program when you Pay in Full)

Book Your Call Now and Commit to Your Healing with Tremendous Support, Loving Accountability and SO MUCH MORE in The Set Free Academy™ 1 Year Christ-Centered Transformational Healing Program for only...


Regular Investment $4997

Only $3997 for the first 5 women to enrol, as I cover $1000 of your tuition (or $100 per month if you choose a 12-pay plan) AND you also get a BONUS Private 1:1 60-minute Breakthrough Session with Alana Palm as one of the first 5!!
NOTE: All investment amounts are in $USD. Payment Plans available upon request.

Here’s how your life will look radically different after we work together in The Set Free Academy... 

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling JOYFUL about your day ahead. You get out of bed EXCITED for all God is doing in your life. You know how to MAGNIFY His love because you feel it DEEP inside. 

You go to work and feel CONFIDENT in what you do and who you are. You are at PEACE in Him as you go about your day. You get together with friends and no longer worry about what they think of you - you are SECURE in your IDENTITY and WORTH in Christ and you SHINE His light.

You discern God's voice in a new way. You can trust yourself more because you have the HOLY SPIRIT guidance inside you and you CONNECT with Him fully. You can almost hear His voice guiding you and feel His love directing you with each decision you make.

You have stopped feeling pressure to meet everyone else's needs at the expense of your own. You no longer feel that you have to say yes when you really nat to say no. You have GOD-FIDENCE within and can COURAGEOUSLY use your voice and be honest about your feelings without the fear of rejection. The voice of the inner critic that plagued you is now a quiet murmur in the background, lovingly subdued by God's truth.

You have learned how to REST in Him and feel His peace each day. You fully BELIEVE that you are protected, provided for and that His PROMISES are true for YOU. You don't doubt God because you know His character so intimately that you can feel CONFIDENT that He is working it all together for your greatest GOOD!

And all the love, validation and esteem to were seeking outside yourself is now found within. You no longer strive for success or try harder to get people to like and accept you - you know your VALUE in HIM and STAND STRONG in who He has created you to be. 

You now experience a life of FULLNESS and FREEDOM with Him and you feel so blessed to be able to live each day free of the burdens of the past.

Are you READY to experience this transformation?

The Set Free Academy Includes...

See These Testimonials of The POWERFUL RESULTS YOU Can Get With The Set Free Method

Tammy Lives by The Set Free Method and can now set healthy boundaries and create a ripple effect in her life where others are understanding more about Jesus because she has brought His love from her head to her heart! 

Tammy says, “I am so happy that I made that choice to do The Set Free Academy because I have so much inner peace, freedom and confidence. If I didn’t do this Program I would still be wallowing in my past. If you are thinking about it JUST DO IT - you will never be the same (in a good way)”

Bonnie is empowered by the tools and strategies she learned to shift quickly into a confident, courageous and calm woman of God! 

Bonnie says, ““Before I did the Academy I was miserable and depressed. In the Program I learned how to love myself and I learned how to shift from sadness to happiness. My life is 100% better - I have peace now and I’m not depressed anymore!”

Simone Learned How To Confront And Overcome The Lies She Had Believed So She Could Shift Into Peace And Calm When She Was Feeling Overwhelmed And Stressed 

Simone says, ““I had two failed marriages and other unsuccessful relationships. I didn’t believe in myself and I was a big people pleaser. I’ve come so far…I feel like a different person! Now I believe in myself, I can set healthy boundaries and I am filled with grace and peace. I’ve got more joy and confidence and I can help my children with these things now.”

Diane was spiritually dying and The Set Free Academy™ has helped her be set free from shame and negative thoughts. She feels like she is coming alive spiritually again! 

Diane says, “I was DESPERATE to try anything that would help me feel better! The Set Free Academy works! I have been set free from the shame and negative thoughts in my head. Positive thoughts just automatically come now and I feel like I’m coming alive spiritually again! I would tell women thinking about the program to not hesitate…just jump in and do it!”

In The Set Free Academy Krista FINALLY learned how to WAKE UP JOYFUL! She was so skeptical that this would work, but she has seen the RESULTS and is so thankful!

Krista says, "EVERYTHING has exceeded my expectations in this Program - Alana exceeded my expectations along with God, the support of the women and the whole Program! I am so skeptical…about everything, and I NEVER thought I would be here doing a testimonial and yet here I am! Just DO The Set Free Academy! It is led by the Holy Spirit and it’s all about God. It can only do you good - why go another day wondering why!! Invest in yourself and get healing.”

Rosemary is only halfway through the Program and she's already seen so much change. She has brought God's truth from her head to her heart and doesn't spend weeks depressed anymore!

Rosemary says, “I wanted to heal from my past to be better for me and my family. In the Program I got to uproot the problems and I brought God’s truth from my head to my heart. My husband and kids see a difference in me and they come to me more now because I have stopped trying to control everything. Before I was blind...and now I can recognize the lies because I have renewed my mind! This program works because I have someone to guide me and a community to help me grow! I’m only halfway through and I’ve seen so much change!”


These Are All Real Clients Who Have Experienced The Power of The Christ-Centered Set Free Method™. Some Names May Be Hidden To Preserve Their Privacy, And These Are Authentic And Unpaid Testimonials.

"You have helped me step up a level, even in the short time I've been a part of your group!"

"Before working with Alana I was I have hope & faith! I highly recommend Alana as a Coach!"

"In just 6 weeks I have learned more about myself than in years of reading books and attending conferences!"

"A lot of my transformation has come from Alana empowering me to love myself!"

Susan would have paid $1 million for the breakthroughs she's had in The Set Free Academy

Susan says, “At first I was afraid to spend the money, but I realized it was self sabotage. I didn’t think I was worthy of getting better, but I said I would try one last time. Now, one of my best friends just noticed that I’ve changed…she told me my whole face is different…my heart is different. And I told her that the Program is working! The miracles that have happened in the last 4-5 months…I would have paid a million dollars for the breakthroughs I’ve had. I’m 62 and I’ve done A LOT of therapy and I’ve had the most breakthrough I’ve ever had in The Set Free Academy.”

Small Call to Action Headline

"I broke free from the patterns of shame in my life. I have let go of the victim mindset and am on fire for God. Now I see myself as God sees me and I don't carry that shame."

"Alana's program helped change my thinking from self-defeat to empowered! God has used Alana to help me change from the inside out."

(she shares even more in her video testimonial below)

"Alana's program has helped change my thinking from self-defeat to victorious! God has used Alana to help me change from the inside out."

Kelly has so much more confidence in herself and says that investing in The Set Free Academy was the best decision she ever made

Kelly says, “The Set Free Academy is the best investment that I’ve made - I spent years doing therapy and reading self-help books and nothing has worked like this Program has worked.”

"Before I joined The Set Free Academy I was a sad, angry woman. I'm no longer bitter or angry and I am learning to deal with pain in a positive way."

"I have shared with my sister what I'm learning about communication and it opened the door for her to share too. I feel like I have my sister back!"

"Before working with Alana I was filled with a negative mindset, trauma and depression. Now I have worked through my trauma and have a new mindset!"

"My husband just apologized to me for 32 years of hurt. He said he loved me and was proud of me. I see my (Set Free) vision statement starting to come alive!"

"Alana helped to uncover the lies from the enemy that were keeping me in bondage. Through The Set Free Academy deep work & God's help things have changed. Now I celebrate the wins!"

"The Ah-ha's on the call with Alana helped me see that I am not a victim anymore, but an OVERCOMER, "

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All this is possible for YOU too!

Book a time on our calendar and we can decide together if The Set Free Academy™ is right for you!

🤍 IMPORTANT: Read BEFORE Booking 🤍

You are here because you are a woman COMMITTED to OVERCOMING the pain, hurt and trauma that is holding you back in life! (Yes and Amen!!) As you read through this page you watched and read about MANY other women who have had EXTREME transformation and POWERFUL results through the Academy...and this could be YOU too!

On this call you will have the opportunity to meet with Alana personally to determine if The Set Free Academy is the right next step on your healing journey.

Read through the information on this page to see if The Set Free Academy feels aligned for you. The complementary Strategy Session you are about to book will determine if you are accepted into The Set Free Academy Results-based Transformational Program.

Please fill out the application IN DETAIL so Alana can assess whether she can support you with the transformation you desire through God. This program is CHRIST-centered and TRANSFORMATIONAL. Due to the high level of support, there are limited spots available for Set Free Strategy Sessions and within the Academy. It is for you if you are 100% committed to your healing and coming into agreement and alignment with God's TRUTH!

Ensure that you commit to your appointment time, as Alana is carving out this time specifically for YOU. If you are a 'no show' or cancel within 12 hours of your appointment, you will be unable to book again for a minimum of 1 month.


Alana is looking forward to showing you what's possible in your life so get ready for breakthrough and forward movement through The Set Free Academy! ❤️ We sincerely hope YOU will be our next success story because there is nothing better than being FREE of past pain and trauma so you can live FULLY for Jesus and shine His light BRIGHTLY in the world! 🙌

Book Now ⤵️

All the results referenced in our client success stories are our personal results or those of our clients who committed and did the work. We’re not implying you'll automatically have the same results - yours will be different. Examples are to give you a sense of what is possible based on what our clients have accomplished. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. All investment entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT attempt to work with us. Before booking a call and choosing to invest in The Set Free Academy™ or any other Program or Services we offer, please read the 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' linked above. Note that all monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable at time of purchase.
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