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…so you can finally WAKE UP JOYFUL! :)
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Unlock The 3 Core Principles That Allow You to FEEL God’s Love Deep Inside Your Heart (Instead Of Just Knowing It In Your Head)
The Reveal And Release Blueprint
The Agreement, Alignment & Abidance Process The Unoffendable Framework
Reveal And Release Blueprint  |  Agreement, Alignment & Abidance Process  |  Unoffendable Framework
SAVE Thousands of Dollars in Therapy Costs!

Just $197

….For the Training, Understanding and Support you Need to Fully Partner with God so you can Experience Mental & Emotional Freedom
(Up until now this Deep Support has ONLY been Available in 'The Set Free Academy' 12-Month Program)

Only A Small Percentage Of Christian Women Who Have Gone Through Trauma and Suffering Know How To Live In Victory Over These Circumstances…

Watch Below To See How YOU Can EXPERIENCE His Freedom As You Live By The Set Free Method & Bring God's Love From Your Head To Your Heart...

Do You Have Big Dreams For Your Life With The Lord,
But Keep Feeling Like You Are Overcome with Negative Thoughts
that Invade Your Mind And Bring You Down?

Have you tried everything to
feel God's love for you, but can't figure out why you don't feel the connection?

Do you feel like you often go
into a downward spiral and still can't seem to figure out how to be joyful and peaceful?

Have you tried reading self-help books, attending conferences, going to church and seeking out therapy to heal, but just
can't break free of the past?
Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a proven method that will help you live in Victory over past pain and Trauma and truly feel the joy of the Lord?
If you found yourself nodding “YES” to any of the questions above, then I want to equip you with the tools to finally bring everything you know about God's love for you from your head into your heart where you can feel it. With the proven step-by-step 'Set Free Method,' you will begin to live in Victory over the difficulties of life in 3 short breakthrough trainings…

Hey! I'm ALANA!

With 20 years as a professional educator and 5 years as a Trauma Release & Mind Renewal Specialist, my mission is to EMPOWER Christian women through the HOLY SPIRIT to live in VICTORY over the pain of the past and experience the full life of JOY and PEACE that Jesus died for them to have. 

I am passionate about helping women BELIEVE God's TRUTH so they stop feeling OFFENDED and SAD when people let them down so they can experience His LOVE and REST in the deepest parts of who they are.

With certifications in Proven Trauma Healing Modalities that truly get to the heart of the issues inside, combined her deep understanding of Biblical Truths, Alana helps Christian women come into AGREEMENT with God in a powerful and transformational way. This deep ALIGNMENT with the Lord enables her clients to break free of old beliefs that have kept them in bondage and experience His freedom and peace through ABIDING in Him!
I put on this Powerful 3-Day Event so you can have a DEEP experience with the Lord as you come into AGREEMENT, ALIGNMENT and ABIDANCE in Him.
This Transformational 3-Day Experience will help you learn the deeper processes of healing your 'inner child' and ALIGNING with God's truth through DEEP REVELATION and the RENEWING of your mind. This is all based on the powerful and transformational Set Free Method™ that has brought proven results to women across the world.

If you want to break free of the past and gain clear direction on how you can start living in the VICTORY you already have through Christ by bringing His truth from your head to your heart, this Transformational 3-Day Experience is for you!

The 3 Core Principles For A Transformed Life Where You Finally Live In Victory Over Pain And Trauma…

Once you see how powerful it is to FEEL God’s love deep inside your heart and REST in His truth, you’ll stop letting emotional triggers and taking offense keep you from feeling peace inside.

Experience God’s Revelation By The Power Of The Holy Spirit & Release What Has Held You Back from Feeling His Love

A proven method that creates a unique and transformative experience with the Lord where you experience His deep revelation about what is going on inside you, and release it with Him! This is something women have never been able to find anywhere else!

Come Into Agreement & Alignment With God’s Truth So You Feel It In Your Heart And Can Rest & Abide in Him

Learn the secret behind how you can bring all the knowledge about God and the Bible from knowing it in your head into feeling it deep inside your heart so you can finally connect to His deep love for you and therefore love yourself for who He created you to be!

Become Unoffendable As You Let Go Of What Others Think of You & Stand Strong In Who God Created You To Be

The most effective way to stop taking things personally and letting circumstances get you down. You will peel back the layers of offense and release the old way for the new powerful way of standing strong in who you are in Christ!

Your Entire Life Will Change When You Start Living By The Powerful Method I Will Teach You During The 3-Day Transformational Experience

You will have such a high level of emotional intelligence that you will feel empowered through the Holy Spirit and bring healing and freedom to others through the wisdom you have inside…

You will never have to question God again once you understand how to come into full agreement and alignment with Him, and experience the Full and Abundant life He has for you...

You'll have new way to live in His Rest that allows you to experience an overflow of His love in you and through you as you become a ‘Spray Bottle for Jesus’...

You will no longer let people's words or actions affect you deep inside. You can brush off what doesn’t feel good for you and move forward into all God has for you…

I created the 3-day Transformational Experience to empower Christian women through the power of the Holy Spirit to create a life that you love with the Lord
 A life where you are on fire for Him and feel his love deep inside. 
A life where you no longer let the ways of the world or the opinions of people get you down.
A life where you wake up joyful every day, regardless of the circumstances.

During this powerful event, you will receive hands-on help from me and my team of amazing Christ centered coaches, guiding you forward into a path of Victory through the proven Set Free Method™.

Whether you're struggling with deep trauma and abuse from your childhood, or you have experienced pain in your life that you just can't seem to get past, this powerful event will provide you with the tools and strategies to create a life where you partner with God in receiving his deep revelation so you can live in agreement, alignment and abidance in His love.
If you're anything like me, you understand that you don't normally get healing from
Deep childhood and developmental trauma and pain overnight

But You Probably Feel That You Should Be More Spiritually 'On Fire' Than You Are Right Now, And.....


  • Finally break free of the negative thoughts and feelings that have plagued you for so many years
  • Have emotional intelligence and stability to no longer let circumstances and people drag you down and put you into a downward spiral
  • Experience unfailing peace and joy that comes from the Lord, Knowing that when difficulty comes you are so connected to His love that you easily overcome stress and enter His rest
  • ​Live your God-given purpose and assignment every day from a place of knowing your identity and worth, and stepping into courage with all that the Lord is calling you to
It’s The Most Impactful Event For Christian Women Healing From Pain & Trauma…

The 3-Day Transformational Experience

The only deep-dive, implementation-based virtual experience designed to help you understand why you do what you do and bring God’s love from your head to your heart so you can overcome the deep pain you’ve experienced!

DAY #1 - Experience God’’s Revelation & Release What Has Kept From Experiencing His Love

On Day 1, you'll uncover the proven method that creates a unique and transformative experience with the Lord where you experience His deep revelation about what is going on inside you, and release it with Him! This is something women have never been able to find anywhere else! Here’s what we’re going to cover:
  • The ONE core reason why you are not experiencing His love (and why this is NOT your fault.)
  • Uncover the secret behind why conferences, self-help books and even scripture are NOT allowing you to CONNECT with God's love (and discover the EXACT STEPS to allow it to penetrate deep inside.)
  • Discover how to break free of the feelings inside that you don’t like by gaining access to a powerful tool to see your ‘triggers’ from a place of compassion and love. 
  • ​​Identify your unique ‘protective mechanism’ and learn how to tap into a powerful way to protect yourself from a place of Rest.

DAY #2 - Come Into Agreement & Alignment With God’s Truth as you Rest In A Place Of Abidance With The Lord

Day 2 is all about uncovering the secret behind how you can bring all the knowledge about God and the Bible from your head into your heart where you can finally connect to and feel it for the rest of your life! Here’s what we’re going to cover:
  • ​Stop the emotional triggers from stealing your peace and joy by increasing your ability to stand in your personal power through the Holy Spirit.
  • Reveal how that critical voice in your head functions, and how to stop the negative chatter.
  • Understand the true reason why you self-condemn, and avoid the downward spiral by releasing the shame and standing in Victory.
  • ​Bring God’s love into your heart so you can release negative thoughts and rest in Him.

DAY #3 - Become Unoffendable As You Let Go & Stand Strong In Who God Created You To Be

Day 3 is all about learning the most effective way to stop taking things personally and letting circumstances get you down. You will peel back the layers of offense, and release the old way for a new powerful way of standing strong in who you are in Christ! You’re going to:
  • Discover how all the pieces fit together so you can be the healed and whole Christ-centered woman.
  • Unlock the door to stop negative thought cycles and shame attacks for good.
  • Gain a solid understanding of your Identity in Christ - and go deeper into who you are in Him so you can stand on a firm foundation when the storms threaten you.
  • Get your hands on the powerful method to have the future you desire with the Lord so you can partner with God to create a life where you feel purposeful, whole and set free!

But It Gets Even. . . Better!

When You Snag Your Ticket Today, You'll Also Receive A Handful Of Powerful Bonuses To
Accelerate And Support Your Growth And Transformation Before We Meet!
(In the past, these have only been available to my Set Free Academy Clients,
BUT they are my gift to you for your commitment to The 3-Day Transformational Experience)


Vagus Nerve Breathing &
‘The Calm Place’ Exercises

Walk away with a powerful and proven
daily implementation 
exercise that will immediately calm your amygdala (the fight/flight/freeze/fawn center of your brain) and relax your nervous system when you feel stressed.

(Value: $97)


Guided Reflection – Receiving & Experiencing God’s Love

Know exactly how to bring God's love from your head to your heart with this deeply penetrating exercise where you feel his love on multiple levels as you peel back the layers and invite Him in fully.

(Value: $97)


Moving From Fear & Anxiety
To Peace & Rest

Dive into this powerful self-reflective audio  walkthrough that will allow you to quickly shift feelings of fear, anxiety and overwhelm to a beautiful, sustainable experience of peace and calm.

(Value: $147)

That Means When You Claim Your Ticket
Right Now, You're Getting Access To. . .

  • The LIVE Transformational 3-Day Experience - (Value: $1,697)
  • ​​BONUS #1: Vagus Nerve Breathing & ‘The Calm Place’ Exercises - (Value: $97)
  • ​BONUS #2: Guided Reflection – Receiving & Experiencing God’s Love - (Value: $97)
  • ​BONUS #3: Moving From Fear & Anxiety To Peace & Rest - (Value: $147)

Total Value: $2,038

General Admission: $500


See What Others Are Saying About The Powerful And Transformational Work They Experienced With Christian Trauma Release & Mind Renewal Specialist Alana Palm and Her Team...

Okay, So What's The Catch, Alana?!

With a price this low, you might expect to receive low quality service or less value...

Or you might expect to receive more Bible study videos that tell you to change but don't explain HOW to do it.

You might even think that 3 day couldn't possibly make a difference when you've struggled with this pain for so long.

But this offer has no catch.

This is a Powerful Program that will help you deeply understand how you can SHIFT what has held you back for so long and STEP INTO all God has for you!

I’ve decided to give you this 3-Day Transformational Experience for just $197 so you can see for yourself how you can bring God’s love from your head to your heart and live a full, victorious Christ-centered life by healing from past pain and trauma.

Here’s What Some Women Have Accomplished in a
Short Amount of Time By Working with Alana Palm

I need to be completely honest before you grab your ticket…

There are countless Christian women out there who have spent years going to therapy, attending conferences, reading self-help books and even diligently pouring over scripture.

They work hard, go to church and try to do the right thing and hope to get some forward movement and freedom from their pain.

Unfortunately, following these methods can cause many Christian women to feel sad, and even hopeless, as they pour countless hours into their healing and experience very little victory over their negative thoughts and feelings.

The truth is… healing from trauma, pain, disappointment and persistent negative thoughts takes more than just the surface level solutions that only peel back one or two of the layers…

It takes a proven blueprint to reveal and release what has held you back from experiencing God’s love, a powerful process to come into agreement, alignment and abidance with God's truth and a proven framework to become a woman who is unoffended by the difficult people and ways of the world.

All of which you will discover during the three days we’ll spend together.

Just take a Moment And Imagine…

  • Knowing exactly why you feel, act and say what you do, and how to effortlessly align each of those with God...
  • ​Feeling empowered because you can manage your emotions, your thoughts and your whole self from a place of connection to the Holy Spirit
  • ​Having a deep trust in God that no matter what difficulties you’re going through, you are filled with contentment and joy because He is doing something great in you
  • ​FINALLY being able to get out of the downward spiral and live a life you love
Where you feel joy, even in the storm… 

Where you wake up joyful, even in difficulties… 

Where you have such high emotional intelligence that you can deal with toxic people from a place of love… 

All this and more can be possible when you listen, learn, and most importantly…

IMPLEMENT what you’ll discover during the 3-Day Transformational Experience! 
Believe me - I know there are doubts. 

There are doubts that creep up when we’re choosing to partner with God in a powerful way…

(And we know where those come from - AKA the enemy)

But hear me out…

If all this did was give you hope in knowing that you can overcome your pain and trauma…

...or give you a roadmap to feel empowered over your emotions and thoughts, instead of letting them drive

Would that be worth it to you?

So the real question is…

How can you be a healed and whole Christian woman - and NOT do this?

Just think - this isn’t just a decision you’re making now....

You're making this decision not only for today…

But for the rest of your life…

And into ETERNITY!

Think about the impact you will make as you become a Christ-centered woman who is committed to standing powerfully and courageously in this world for Him…

No longer held back by fear, insecurity and that nagging Inner Critic in your head.

Will you find yourself filled with regret because you passed up the opportunity to make that spiritual impact on the people around you while you still had time?

Or will you be enjoying the life you always wanted - all because of the decision you made right now while you STILL have the chance?

I ask you...

If you don't do it now - when it’s this easy…

When will you do it?

Now is your time.

Take the next step toward healing from feelings of rejection, abandonment and fear…

Hit that button below to claim your ticket right now and step into victory and freedom through Him…

This event is specifically for Christian women who have been held back by feelings of fear, insecurity and rejection.

Over the 3 days we spend together, I will show you the powerful method on how to heal from pain and trauma so you can feel confident, courageous and secure as a woman standing in this world for God!

You’ll gain proven Christ-centered healing tools and powerful frameworks that’ll empower you to live in the Victory and Freedom through Him that you’ve always dreamed of.

There are limited spots available in this event in order to ensure that my team and I give you the personal attention you deserve.

This event will take place from October 16th-18th 2023 from 11:00am-4:00pm EST. You can join us from Any Device!   

We encourage you to come LIVE if at all possible, and replays are available each evening if you are unable to attend LIVE during the event time frame. You will have the entire evening to watch what you missed so you can stay on track with us. 

Keep an eye on your inbox after registering for your Welcome email with your 3 bonuses, as well as your private invite link will be sent to you the day before the event.

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